Illinois Fire Prevention Association


Primary Technical Committee Representative – Jim Schifiliti Fire Safety Consultants Inc.

Graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1970 with a Bachelors Degree in Technical Education and an Associates Degree in Fire Protection Technology. Jim Schifiliti is COB of Fire Safety Consultants, Inc., in Elgin, Illinois.

Member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). He currently serves on the NFPA 24 Private Fire Service Mains and Their Appurtenances ; NFPA 13,chapter 10 committee; and the NFPA 72 Fire Alarm chapter 10 committee.

Associate member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Member of the International Code Council (ICC) and served on the International Fire Code Development Committee – 2001 to 2004.

Member of the ICC Terrorist Building Committee.

Serves on the Advisory Board of the Oklahoma State University School of Fire Protection and Safety. He is a adjunct professor at Oklahoma State University.

Professional Experience Summary

  • Speaker – State of New Jersey, Fire Protection Seminar, Cherry Hill, New Jersey; October 6, 1983. Topic: “Sprinkler Plan Review Concepts”.
  • Speaker – Suburban Building Code Officials, Villa Park, Illinois; March 17, 1988. Topic: “Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review”.
  • Speaker – Michigan Fire Inspectors, Auburn Hills, MI, September 2001. Topic: “Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review of Limited Area, 13D & 13R Sprinkler System”.
  • Speaker – Virginia Fire Academy, Charlottesville, VA, – April 20, 1995. Topic: “Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review”.
  • Speaker – Illinois Fire Inspectors Association, 1998 to 2012 . Topic: Eight one day classes on various fire protection topics.
  • Speaker – Venezuela Segur Fire 2001, Caracas, Venezuela – July 2001. Topic: Fire Protection of Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks.
  • Speaker-Montgomery College, November 2007.Topic: ICC code changes.
  • Speaker-Residential Fire Sprinkler Summit, February 2008.Topic: 13D Sprinkler Systems
  • Speaker-NFPA Mexico Fire & Safety Expo, November 16th, 2006.Topic: The most common mistakes made on automatic sprinkler system plan reviews.
  • Speaker-Rochester Hills, Mi Seminar, May 1,2008. Alarm systems plan review.
  • Speaker-American Bar Association, Chicago, IL, March 25, 2008, Topic: Tools for the Trenches.
  • Speaker-NFPA Mexico City, Mexico, March 24, 2009, Topic: Common Mistakes Made on Fire Alarm System Plan Reviews.
  • Speaker-University of Missouri, March 2011, Topic: Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review with Inspections.
  • Speaker-American Society of Plumbing Engineers,, April 2013, Topic: Hospital Fire Protection.

Publications Summary

  • Author – Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review, May, 1984, Rev. January, 2013.
  • Author – Plan Review of Gas Suppression and Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems, 1991; Rev. June 2013.
  • Author – Plan Review of Alarm Systems, May, 1993; Rev. February 2013.
  • Author – Plan Review of Fire Pumps, Standpipes, and Underground Water main,
    March, 2000; Rev. January 2013.
  • Author – ESFR Warehouse Storage Occupancies Plan Review and Hydraulic Calculations, June, 2006; Rev. june 2012.
  • Author- Fire Department Site Plan Review, December 2011.

NFPA 24 Committee Reports
Jim Schifiliti (10-11-2011)

An nfpa 24 committee meeting was held a few weeks ago in September to review reports on comments from the code change proposals received.

Items were discussed & voted on.

A detailed list of comments will be released shortly.