Public Comments on NFPA 14 Commitee Reports (04-03-2012) | Report

I have attached a pdf with the public comments on the NFPA 14 Committee’s Report on Proposals. I would like to hear from our members who have a strong opinion on any of the public comments, but in particular, I would like to call our member’s attention to Log #1 on page 5 and Log #2 on page 17. Log #1 is an attempt to require galvanized pipe for all dry standpipe systems. That proposal was rejected by the committee in the ROP stage. The proposal has now been modified to allow the use of black pipe in dry standpipe systems when the “air supply” is either nitrogen or from a regenerative air compressor. My intent is to oppose this with the same justification as given by the committee during in the ROP. While I am not certain of Mr. Hague’s intent, I believe Log #2 is meant to give the 14 Committee an opportunity to confirm our position that pumps in series should be allowed to be in separate rooms (e.g., stacked vertically as opposed to the current position of the NFPA 20 Committee), or to otherwise resolve what could be a conflict between NFPA 14 and NFPA 20 that would require the Standards Council action to resolve. My intent is to support the current position of the NFPA 14 committee, thereby allowing pumps in series to be installed on different levels of a building.
Brian Conway