Letter Ballot to NITMAM on NFPA 20 (04-03-2012) | Report

1. The NFPA 14 (standpipes) committee will be meeting in Phoenix on April 3rd and 4th to review 38 “comments” that were made in response to the Report on Proposals. The comments have not been made public yet, but I will forward a copy as soon as I see them. 2. Attached is a proposed NITMAM regarding a potential conflict between NFPA 20 (fire pumps) and NPFA 14. You can read the details in the attachment, but basically the NPFA 20 committee is proposing to require a pumps arranged in series to be located in the same room. The NFPA 14 committee has acted to continue allowing pumps in series to be placed in different rooms (which allows vertical stacking of pumps, for example, a pump in the basement can use express risers or standpipes to supply another pump on an upper floor of a building). By this Friday, March 23, 2012, our committee must cast a ballot to decide whether one of our members, David Hague, will represent the NFPA 14 Committee on the floor at the June convention in opposition to the NFPA 20 position on this issue. My preliminary vote (along with all committee members who voted with the exception of 1) was to allow David to represent the 14 committee. Unless directed otherwise by our membership, I will continue to support this action.
Brian Conway