NFPA 25 ROP (06-29-2012) | Report

Here is the link to the ROP which includes NFPA 25 – you will see how I voted on the issues. I voted in opposition of the majority 23 times (+/-). The big issues in my opinion are Internal Inspections and Critical/Non-critical deficiencies (25-19 log #253, 25-281 log #330, 25-284 log #141, 25-291 log #273, and 25-292 log #243). You may also see other issues that you feel need to be commented on. Please review the ROP and submit comments to NFPA. I cannot submit them for you – but I’ll certainly help. The deadline for comments is 8/22/12. Let me know if I can help in anyway. JOIN NFPA SOON – we will need help at the NFPA Conference in Chicago in June 2013 – in order to vote at that meeting you have to be a member of NFPA for 6 months prior. DON’T WAIT! Rich